Tone Woods
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Tone Wood Samples
Tone-woods are the wood species that Wittman Percussion™ has identified as having the perfect composition to create great sounding drums. However, they do not represent all species of wood available. If there is a specific wood type that you prefer, let us know.

Curly MapleWood Type: Maple
Origin: U.S.A. and Canada
The wood can exhibit bold figures including curl, quilt and bird’s eye. Maple has a warm clear tone while maintaining brightness. One of the most common tonewoods for drums.
BirchWood Type: Birch
Origin: U.S.A. and Canada
Its color varies from a cream to a white. A birch drum has good mid and high ranges with a bright sound. The louder and brighter brother of Maple.
White OakWood Type: White Oak
Origin: U.S.A. and Canada
Its color varies from a cream to a white. An oak drum has good mid and high ranges with a mellow to loud resonance.
AshWood Type: Swamp Ash
Origin: U.S.A.
Tonal Quality: Punchy, warm, controlled tone. Known as a great guitar tone-wood. Becoming a very popular selection!
Black Cherry Wood Type: Black Cherry
Origin: U.S.A. and Canada
Tonal Quality: Well balanced EQ, nice attack and sustain, warm tone. A cross between Maple and Mahogany.
African BubingaWood Type: African Bubinga (African Rosewood)
Origin: Cameroon, Gabon, and Zaire
Tonal Quality: Huge low end frequency, crisp attack, clear mids, focussed, very warm and musical. Our most popular wood species.
CocoboloWood Type: Cocobolo
Origin: West Coast of Central America
Tonal Quality: Belonging to the rosewood family of wood species, this quintessential tone-wood exhibits crisp,warm, rich tonal properties. Extensively used in high-end guitar manufacture. Very well suited for orchestral and jazz/fusion idioms. Considered by some to be the most beautiful of all wood species.
LeapardwoodWood Type: Leopardwood
Origin: Europe, UK, West Asia
Tonal Quality: Pronounced low-mids, clear high-mids, slightly dark, warm and round. Combination of Mahogany and Cherry.
JatobaWood Type: Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)
Origin: Central and South America, West Indies
Tonal Quality: Natural EQ. Bright attack, very round and robust mids, clear low-end frequency. Supreme tone-wood for snare drums.
African MahoganyWood Type: African Mahogany
Origin: Tropical West, Central, and East Africa
Tonal Quality: Very warm, dark, and buttery. Classic vintage sound.
Black WalnutWood Type: Black Walnut
Category: Medium
Tonal Quality: Articulate highs, clear lows. Great projection.
GranadilloWood Type: Granadillo (a special order rosewood substitute)
Origin: Central America
Tonal Quality: This wood is often substituted for Rosewoods. It exhibits a brightness and clarity similar to Cocobolo with sharper high- mid range. A very beautiful species. Available by special order.
Hawaiian KoaWood Type: Hawaiian Koa
Origin: Hawaiian Islands
Tonal Quality: This beautiful species is unfortunately becoming very difficult to acquire. It is indigenous to the islands of Hawaii. This species tonal qualities are smooth lows with warm mids. A bit smoky and a little dry. Think of a large, medium thin, swish cymbal.
ZebrawoodWood Type: Zebrano (Zebrawood)
Origin: West Africa, chiefly Gabon and Cameroon Republic
Tonal Quality: Similar to Maple but with pronounced lower mids. Very striking in appearance. A special order wood species.
WedgeWood Type: Wenge
Origin: Mainly Zaire, also Cameroon republic
Tonal Quality: This is a very interesting wood in appearance, but particularly interesting in sound. It has the warmth of a wood drum, but the tonal character of a metal drum. Big, loud, and clear.