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Bearing Edges - The First Step in Superior Sound!

Bearing edges are one of the most important factors in determining the overall sound and tone of a drum.

They are also the easiest part of a drum to mess up. Cutting a bearing edge is a precise and meticulous process, and we take pride in taking out time to make sure your edge is 100% true and perfect! We cut bearing edges at Wittman Percussion™ with our custom built equipment designed specifically for cutting the perfect bearing edge!

There are several bearing edge styles that we commonly cut and we choose the appropriate bearing edge depending on the particular sound that you are going for or even what style of music you intend on using the drums for.

Double 45 degree Bearing Edge CutThe First two and most common edges are the double 45-degree bearing edge and the single 45 degree bearing edge. These edges cause the least possible amount of the drum head to be in contact with the shell, because of this the drum will have more attack from the initial strike and resonate a little more freely.

Single 45 Degree Bearing Edge

Full Round Over Bearing EdgeThe full roundover edge causes more of the drum head to be in contact with the shell and creates an over all “warmer” sound from the drum. This will cut back on some of the initial attack and cause the shell to resonate a bit more. The result is a warmer more rounded sounding drum.

Inner 45 Degree Bearing EdgeThen there is the 45 degree inner edge with a rounded over outer edge. This edge brings the pros and cons of the other two types of edges together. There is still plenty of the drum head in contact with the shell, but itis less than the round over edge, and more than the 45 degree edge. This type of edge was used a lot on drums from the 60’s and is still the preferred edge for lots of drummers today.

The bottom line is that Wittman Percussion™ can do whatever you want! There are endless edge cuts we can do, these are just a few that are regularly used here in our shop and in the drum world in general. We are here to build your dream, so dream big and we will knock it out of the park for you!