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Professionals demand quality sound
Only the finest materials produce the ultimate sound quality. At Wittman Percussion™ we use only hand selected quality solid hardwoods such as birch, ash, maple, cherry, walnut, oak, as well as some imports like purpleheart, yellowheart, jarrah, zebrawood. Each musician is an unique artist so why settle for an ordinary instrument. Wittman Percussion™ never compromises when quality is the only thing that matters. All of our instruments are hand made by precision craftsman with years of experience working with wood. Each drum in inspected down to the finest details and tuned to the optimal sound quality for that particular drum application and musical style.
Solid Ash Kit in Blue Denumm

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Custom made solid wood drum kits & snares.
We listen closely to what our clients desire in the ultimate instrument. Percussion playing styles dictate the size and quantities of drums required. At Wittman Percussion™ we never sacrifice quality for price. Why pay 20 - 30% more for a comparable stave drum from another manufacturer? At Wittman Percussion™ we are all musicians and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play a quality instrument. Let us make your custom kit - One of a kind, just like you.
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Craftsmanship at Wittman Percussion™
At Wittman Percussion™ we are not only drum makers but accomplished musicians as well. All of our drum shells are outfitted with top quality hardware selected by the client in any style available from the widest selection available on todays market. Once completed the drums go through our rigorous inspection process, tuned and tested for sound quality as well as physical appearance. If a drum does not meet our high standards of solid wood construction, superior sound and final finish we will not sell it.Drum Sticks

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Mike and Reno in the Shop

Happy Customers is What We Are About!

"Sick @#$% sets Mike! These are some of the most beautiful kits I have seen in a long time. You're the premiere drum maker of today! My hats off to Mike Wittman! - Reno Starr - June 2012.

At Wittman Percussion™ we take great pride in bringing you these hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind percussion instruments. Make an appointment to play one of our custom demonstration kits then you can experience the real life quality of solid stave built drums.
Mike and Reno in the Shop