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What the Artists are Saying about Wittman Percussion™

Jim Jammer Mclean
"Mike what can I say.. You know more about actual drums than 3/4 of the drummers in this world.. When I get some time I am going to come over and hang and build a snare shell with you from start to finish.. I am already putting the word out... I am amazed at your talents both playing, and making drums.. These are definately custom kits, not a set of shells customized to what a person is looking for.... There is no match for the quality you are putting in to your drums..... Like I said never cut yourself short... We will definately be seeing more of each other..."

- Your Buddy Jammer - Jim (Jammer) Mclean, June 2012

Our Clients

"Sick @#$% sets Mike! These are some of the most beautiful sets I have seen in a long time. You're the premiere drum maker of today! My hats off to Mike Wittman!

- Reno Starr - June 2012