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Mike Wittman in Green ShirtWelcome to Wittman Percussion™

My name is Mike Wittman. I am the founder and main craftsman of our superior line of stave built snares and kits. Wittman Percussion™ was founded from a personal passion of excellence in craftsmanship developed over years working with machinery and wood manufacturing. Our line of snares have received accolades from happy customers across the country and we are pleased to be providing an outstanding product and service to the vast array of professional percussionists.

All of the musical instruments manufactured at Wittman Percussion™ have been hand held through construction from the day the tone woods are selected to the day they are packaged for delivery to our select clients. We take great pride in our products and stand behind the quality and service we provide.

Here at Wittman Percussion™ we are hard working Americans and take pride in 100% American built products. We look forward to putting a quality snare or entire kit into your hands so you can experience the sound, esthetic quality and pure workmanship of a Wittman Percussion™ instrument. Learn more about Stave Built drums here.

I am very pleased with what we have done and take pride in presenting these drums to you....

Mike Wittman, Founder and Craftsman

What are clients are saying

Our Clients"Mike what can I say.. You know more about actual drums than 3/4 of the drummers in this world.. When I get some time I am going to come over and hang and build a snare shell with you from start to finish.. I am already putting the word out... I am amazed at your talents both playing, and making drums.. These are definately custom kits, not a set of shells customized to what a person is looking for.... There is no match for the quality you are putting in to your drums..... Like I said never cut yourself short... We will definately be seeing more of each other..."
- Your Buddy Jammer - June 2012

"Sick @#$% sets Mike! These are some of the most beautiful sets I have seen in a long time. You're the premiere drum maker of today! My hats off to Mike Wittman!
- Reno Starr - June 2012